Medication-assisted treatment is important, but only one part of successful sobriety. Psychosocial intervention through counseling or support groups is strongly suggested while you are our patient. Counseling allows for motivation, encouragement, and coping skills. Support groups are beneficial for allowing you to connect with others in similar situations and offering a strong support network. Psychosocial treatment combined with medication can help you to maintain an addiction-free lifestyle. Listed below are some local options for both individual and group counseling, as well as support groups.


Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of individuals recovering from alcohol addiction, with a primary purpose of staying sober, while helping others to achieve sobriety. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are a group of principles that are spiritual in nature and work towards guiding the goal of banishing the obsession to drink, while enabling you to become a happy and whole person. This program allows you to meet in local groups to discuss addiction as a disease and support your personal recovery.


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Narcotics Anonymous 

24-hour Local Helpline:


Narcotics Anonymous (NA) World Services is a community-based organization, offering recovery from the effects of addiction through a 12-step program and regular group meetings. The focus of this group is not limited to those addicted to narcotics, but open to all those suffering from addiction. This program strives to reach a day when everyone suffering from addiction can experience recovery and open a place to share recovery with others suffering from addiction.


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Access Behavioral Health

3801 Springhurst Blvd

Suite 101

Louisville, KY 40231



Access Behavioral Health provides services for alcohol and other substance addictions, prevention, recovery and treatment as well as comprehensive psychiatric and mental health care. Individual, family and group counseling services are available.


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All Around Healthcare

3975 7th Street Road

Louisville, KY 40216



Urgent and Primary Care services, including treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction. Location is open from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week with no appointment necessary and takes all insurance plans, including Medicaid.


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The Brook

8521 LaGrange Road

Louisville, KY 40242


The Brook offers two locations in Louisville that offers mental health and addiction treatment services. Several free support groups are offered including AA, Al-Anon, co-dependencies, and NA meetings.


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Center for Behavioral Health

1402-A Browns Lane

Louisville, KY 40207


With locations in Louisville, Frankfort, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green, and Richmond, Center for Behavioral Health facilities off a variety of counseling methods. A range of counseling options are offered including individual, family, or group counseling, customized to each patient’s treatment.


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600 S Preston St

Louisville, KY 40202


Centerstone Kentucky Addiction Recovery Center, formally JDAC, focuses on providing treatment to people with alcoholism and/or other addictions and their them and their loved ones achieve a stable recovery. Centerstone Kentucky Recovery Oriented Medication Assisted Treatment program integrates a Twelve-step model with medication-assisted treatment. An intensive outpatient program is designed for patients with peer support, individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention and continuing care.


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Hagan Health

4010 Dupont Circle

Suite 202

Louisville, KY 40207


Hagan Health is an outpatient treatment facility for those who are struggling with substance-based addictions. This facility provides psychiatric evaluations and treatment plans that include psychotherapy, group therapy, and medication management through a network of certified therapists that specialize in substance use disorders.


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The Morton Center

1028 Barret Ave

Louisville, KY 40204



The Morton Center offers a 12-step support model with intensive group, expressive, family and individual therapy to support those suffering from the effects of addiction. Their mission is to restore health of individuals and families struggling with alcoholism and other addictions through specialized counseling and educational services. Family participation is strongly encouraged. The Morton Center is widely known for treating healthcare professionals with addiction. Many services offered are billable through most insurances.


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Kentucky Medical Group, PLLC.

12610 Townepark Way

Middletown, KY 40243


Kentucky Medical Group, PLLC is an outpatient treatment facility focusing on mental health and substance use disorders. The staff consists of highly trained board-certified psychiatrists.


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The Healing Place

1020 W Market St

Louisville, KY 40202



The Healing Place is an intensive, inpatient rehabilitation facility. Though at this time, no outpatient services are available, The Healing Place is a strong community partner. Our pharmacists travel to provide injections to patients at their facility once every week.


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Landmark Recovery

4418 Malcolm Ave

Louisville, KY 40215


Landmark Recovery is an inpatient rehabilitation facility that works to create an individualized plan of care. Therapy is based on a 12-step model and works to process relapse triggers and using this plan of care beyond residential treatment. Patients are followed at 30, 60, 90 days and 6 months after discharge. Though there are currently no outpatient services provided, Landmark Reove4r is a strong community partner and our pharmacists travel to provide injections to patients at their facility.


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