Addiction and Recovery

Medication-assisted treatment is important, but only one part of successful sobriety. Psychosocial intervention through counseling or support groups is strongly suggested while you are our patient. Counseling allows for motivation, encouragement, and coping skills. Support groups are beneficial for allowing you to connect with others in similar situations and offering a strong support network. Psychosocial treatment combined with medication can help you to maintain an addiction-free lifestyle. Listed below are some local options for both individual and group counseling, as well as support groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of individuals recovering from alcohol addiction, with a primary purpose of staying sober, while helping others to achieve sobriety. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are a group of principles that are spiritual in nature and work towards guiding the goal of banishing the obsession to drink, while enabling you to become a happy and whole person. This program allows you to meet in local groups to discuss addiction as a disease and support your personal recovery.

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Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) World Services is a community-based organization, offering recovery from the effects of addiction through a 12-step program and regular group meetings. The focus of this group is not limited to those addicted to narcotics, but open to all those suffering from addiction. This program strives to reach a day when everyone suffering from addiction can experience recovery and open a place to share recovery with others suffering from addiction.

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