Sign on the exterior of St Matthews Pharmacy in Louisville Kentucky

St. Matthews Pharmacy Opens in Louisville, Kentucky


New Location Expands Pharmacy Footprint to Support Whole-Person Behavioral Health Care

LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 20, 2022 (Newswire)—Cordant Health Solutions®, a leader in providing innovative tools for addiction treatment programs, has expanded its pharmacy footprint with the opening of a new 10,000-square-foot pharmacy location in Louisville. The new location houses Cordant’s two pharmacy brands, St. Matthews Community Pharmacy and St. Matthews Specialty Pharmacy, and serves as the hub for pharmacy operations in the Midwest and Southeast.

Cordant acquired St. Matthews Community and Specialty Pharmacy, a well-known and respected pharmacy in April 2021 and has since invested in St. Matthews to expand its capacity to serve patients in the Commonwealth as well as across the Midwest and Southeast. The combination of Cordant’s integrated laboratory and managed pharmacy program with St. Matthews’ expertise in specialty medications and clinical pharmacy services creates an unparalleled solution to support clinicians who treat patients with substance use disorder (SUD) and associated behavioral health and specialty disease conditions.

To address the growing need both regionally and nationally for specialized pharmacy services for addiction treatment and behavioral health conditions, Cordant merged its existing Louisville Cordant Pharmacy Solutions™ location and the newly acquired St. Matthews pharmacies into the new, larger facility in February 2022. The new location allows Cordant to offer its managed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) pharmacy program to more treatment providers and patients and support evidence-based harm reduction efforts by improving access to the life-saving overdose reversal medication, naloxone.

People with SUD are also at particular risk for developing one or more primary conditions or chronic diseases, including hepatitis. By consolidating care, providers can help patients access the treatment they need and increase treatment retention. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) supports this approach, stating, “integration of service delivery, addressing the unique needs of addiction patients, including HCV (hepatitis C virus) treatment, is strongly encouraged.” The expanded pharmacy offering from St. Matthews includes specialty medications and services for hepatitis as well as a variety of other conditions that are commonly co-occurring with SUD, including HIV and mental health disorders.

Patient feedback on Cordant’s programs has been overwhelmingly positive. In a study published in the Journal of Opioid Management, patients expressed improved satisfaction due to Cordant’s delivery program and indicated that it was a motivating factor for them to attend their treatment appointments. Patients testified to the encouragement Cordant’s program has given them, stating, for example, “It makes my appointments more important to me and more convenient in getting my meds,” and “It is much more convenient and discrete. It ensures that I don’t miss my appointments.”

“One of the biggest barriers our patients face is getting their prescriptions filled—difficulty finding transportation to pharmacies, for example,” said Shannon Cales, founder and CEO of NuLease, a treatment facility in Louisville and Campbellsville that specializes in medical and behavioral therapies for opioid and alcohol dependency. “What I love about Cordant and St. Matthews is they treat people the same way we do. We give our patients a feeling of togetherness and family with no judgment. Cordant shares the same mission of treating patients with respect and total acceptance. They will do whatever they can to help find solutions to the problems our patients face with getting access to the medications they need.”

In May 2022 alone, Cordant and St. Matthews helped more than 10,000 patients struggling with SUD and other behavioral health conditions receive their medications. “While going to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled is simple for many people, those battling SUD and mental health diagnoses are in a much more difficult situation and often lack the means to get to the pharmacy. How we partner with patients and providers helps ensure patients have access to the medications that can help them reclaim their lives,” said Bob Mann, executive vice president of Cordant’s integrated services.

While Cordant has long offered a naloxone program, calls for expanded access to the overdose reversal drug from harm reduction organizations, the medical community and the White House have increased as overdose rates continue to rise. By delivering naloxone to patients with their addiction treatment medications, it overcomes the barriers some experience in obtaining access to the pharmacy and ensures the patient has it if needed. In May 2022, Cordant dispensed more than 1,000 doses of life-saving naloxone to patients being treated for SUD.

“Overdose deaths have risen sharply over the last two years and continue to rise,” said Mann. “There is a dire need for better access to medications for opioid use disorder that are proven to help a patient be successful in treatment. With this pharmacy expansion, we will be able to help patients get the medications they need while also continuing our efforts to remove the barriers they face that can often derail recovery.”

St. Matthews Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) for Specialty Pharmacy and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), which demonstrates the pharmacy’s commitment to excellence and upholding the industry’s most rigorous standards for health care quality, safety and accountability.

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