What are the benefits of Vivitrol® compared to other medication-assisted treatments?

  • Vivitrol® is a non-opioid option for addiction
  • Vivitrol® helps to control cravings associated with addiction
  • Vivitrol® is dosed once-monthly
  • Vivitrol® is fairly well-tolerated



Can I become addicted to Vivitrol®?

  • Since this medication-assisted treatment is a non-opioid, it is not likely that a person will develop an addiction to this agent.


Will Vivitrol® show up on a drug screen?

  • Vivitrol®-specific drug screens would be required to detect the presence of this medication. For those receiving Vivitrol®, substances of abuse ingested will still result in positive drug screens. Vivitrol® alone will not cross-react to cause a positive drug screen.


How long will I need to be on Vivitrol®?

  • There is no definitive duration of therapy for Vivitrol®. Each patient’s therapy is specific to their recovery goals and unique, individual needs. Duration of therapy should be discussed with your healthcare providers, counselors and addiction specialists and does not have to be determined prior to initiation of treatment. We will help you to work with your insurance company to continue therapy that is appropriate for you. With this being said, all current trial data was conducted for 6 months and limited long-term safety has been studied.


Can I administer the injection to myself or have a family member do so?

  • This injection cannot be self-administered nor can it be administered by a family member outside of a healthcare setting. Vivitrol® must only be administered by a trained, healthcare professional as an intramuscular injection. Though this seems inconvenient for once-monthly administration, our mission is to provide easy and accessible care through our highly accessible pharmacy. All of our pharmacists are capable of administering Vivitrol® and will gladly work with you to provide the treatment you need.