St. Matthews Community & Specialty Pharmacy’s Story

We created St. Matthews Community  & Specialty Pharmacy because we value personal connections with the members of our community.  We realized how impersonal retail pharmacy had become, so we resolved to change this dynamic by providing a higher level of service built on real, comprehensive relationships with our patients. We strive to administer superior pharmaceutical care to patients and physicians alike by focusing on meeting individual needs with customized solutions. We offer compounding, immunizations and a multitude of other advanced pharmacy services to provide our patients with a comprehensive care system.

Mission Statement

St. Matthews Specialty Pharmacy strives to provide patients and providers superior pharmaceutical care, focusing on the individual needs of those we serve. It is our mission to help prevent and control chronic health conditions and improve community wellness by working collaboratively with healthcare providers to achieve the highest quality of care. Through our use of innovative services and high touch patient interaction, we work to provide an exceptional pharmacy experience.


St. Matthews Specialty Pharmacy is locally owned and operated. The pharmacy was founded on the vision of advancing the role of the community pharmacist and providing direct patient care to their customers.

Core Values

Passion for our People – we serve with love by exhibiting value and appreciation of every life through our service, compassion and gratitude.

Exceptional Service – we provide high quality care by our innovative practice and positive personal interaction. Our employees are persistent and possess integrity and accountability. We follow-through so no task or person gets left behind.

Resilient and Bold Leaders – we have growth mind-set and lead with grit and adaptability. We thrive on being agile in a dynamic business.